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I need to start working out and keeping fit

Now this is an oft-mentioned and heard statement, which no doubt we’ve all uttered at least once in our lives and for the majority, usually at the tail end of the calendar, moving into the new year.  Sounds familiar?  You bet!  The reality is this; modern technology and advanced medicines means that we as humans are now living much longer lives, albeit not necessarily healthy and fulfilling lives.  The internet and the dot com revolution has propelled the promotion and marketing of unhealthy treats and inactive lifestyles to heights never before seen in all history.  It’s just all too easy.  The flip side to all of this is that we also live in an age where beauty and public physical image of ourselves has been thrust into the limelight at an unimaginable velocity, with the advent of social media acting as the chief catalyst.

We discuss the importance of living a fit lifestyle and ways to keep fit and healthy, showing how easy it actually is.