Commando Camp is a London-based fitness accessories brand founded in 2016 by AK Alabi, a born and bred proud Londoner. A life-long fitness fanatic and enthusiast, AK always thrived from a young age competing at the top end of every sport he participated in; ranging from benchball and rounders in primary school, sprinting and football in high school and college, all the way to finding his truest love at university, in weight lifting.

It is through weight lifting that he genuinely understood the tangible progress that hard work, consistency and dedication would deliver. Especially when enjoyed. He was hooked, in fact freakishly obsessed with the gym and all things fitness and the pursuit of fitness excellence. An avid gym user, known for having three active gym memberships at one point, AK would periodically invest in weight lifting gloves and any other aide that would supposedly help to elevate his workouts to the next level, developing a ruthless but rewarding “one more rep” mentality and approach. He soon learned during his brutal lifting sessions how consistently inconsistent these so-called “aides” were at standing the test of time and resilience. They’d simply tear, shred, become disfigured and just fall apart after a couple of months. Even the big global brands followed suit, dancing to the rhythm of mediocrity.

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AK finally decided to take matters into his own hands (literally) and toyed with the idea of designing and creating weight lifting gloves for himself and his closest gym partners to use. He spent a whole month screening and scrutinising different manufacturers until he found one that shared the same commonalities with his ethos. Quality, design and innovation.

A number of outlets soon jumped aboard the Commando Camp train, becoming stockists of this new brand and in no time AK expanded the product range to include weight lifting belts, wrist support wraps and so on. Premium quality and functionality remained a common and familiar feature with each addition and will forever remain as such.

Commando Camp is essentially and commercially a premium fitness accessories brand aimed at the uber trendy fitness enthusiast looking to take his/her performance to the next level. In the greater scheme of things however, Commando Camp is a fitness lifestyle movement which seeks to empower people to take better care of their health and fitness.



Our mission is to empower and support people through their fitness journey, in order to help them get amazing fitness results, by offering the best fitness tools, as well as educational and motivational content. The brand was built on the firm belief that a fit and healthy lifestyle is timeless, infinitely rewarding and should be encouraged and nurtured from young and we will stop at nothing to go above and beyond at every opportunity to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

In our mission to innovate and create only the best, all of our products are manufactured using the very best top grade materials, backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.